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    A2 Dominion

    RSL: A2 Dominion
    Architect: Zed Factory
    M&E Consultants: DPS Heatweb, Solar Empower & The Greener Alternative
    Duration: 2 Years
    Property Type: Semi-Detached


Project Brief

14 Bournemead Close is a typical dual aspect suburban building situated in Harrow. The site is a semi- detached property managed by housing provider, A2Dominion. Breyer Group were selected to perform a test case for the new government funded energy efficiency project, Retrofit for the future.

Scope of Work 

14 Bournemead Close was chosen because it’s a ‘typical’ example of many of suburban homes built and seen all across the UK.

Another important feature of the building was its environmental efficiency, which fell below government expectations. The greatest challenge to the renovation project however was that all renovations had to be completed with the residents in-situ.

Breyer Group hired architects, Zed Factory, to design a solution that would go beyond the requirements for the retrofit for the future scheme and provide its residents with usable spaces utilising the new technologies to be installed.

The proposed solution compromised of three key features:

  • Improvement of thermal performance and airtightness
  • Installation of A+ rated energy efficient appliances
  • Installation of renewable energy generated technologies

Thermal Performance

To achieve greater thermal performance the external walls were fitted with cork insulation followed by a render finish. The floor was provided with a blown polystyrene beads.

External doors were replaced with appropriate energy efficient alternatives. Damaged double glazing windows were replaced with triple glazed panels. At the same time the window reveals were sealed to contribute to the desired level of airtightness of the building.

By making improvements to the buildings airtightness, the demand on heating appliances as space heating has been reduced and heat remains inside the property for longer.


Installing a high efficiency gas fired water boiler and ventilation in the property further reduces CO2 emissions associated with space heating and hot water generations. The boiler alone will save 183kg of CO2 each year.


Solarbright, Breyer Group’s specialist solar business, consulted and installed four square meters of Shuco 183W photovoltaic panels saving 316kg of CO2 a year. Four square meters of solar thermal panels were also installed, with a 250 litre water storage collector, at the property which reduces the demand of the energy efficient water boiler now in place, further reducing CO2 by 2600 kg each year.

The Zed Factory designed a functional ‘Solar shed’ that offers its residents outside storage, currently being used for kids bikes.

These technologies combined is expected to provide a large reduction of energy consumption and 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. However, the Bournemead Close test-case tried to maximise energy efficiency methods going beyond the expectations on the retrofit for the future project. It also provided innovative design and function to offer residents useful spaces to be used in family life.