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    Apprentice Case Study - Andre Simpson-Clarke

    As part of the four-year contract with Lewisham Homes, the Breyer Group had agreed to hire a number of young apprentices to work on the housing providers Major Works scheme.


Andre Simpson-Clarke one of the local residents of Lewisham found difficulty in gaining local employment. He had been unemployed for six months when he saw the advertisement to become an apprentice. Andre applied immediately simply as a way of earning money. However, when he realised it would allow him to continue his education, achieve more qualifications and learn on the job, Andre was very keen.

Andre is enrolled in the Breyer Group’s unique 360o degree apprenticeship programme, which is a robust approach to help young people build their skills and find a clear route to sustainable employment. The programme supports the Government’s vision to create a million extra places for apprentices by 2013.

Andre is currently working towards achieving an NVQ Level 2 in Painting and Decorating. Andre’s plans include doing well in his current apprenticeship course and go on to learn more.

Andre Simpson-Clarke said:

“I want to stay with Breyer and go on to complete my level 3 NVQ in Plumbing & Domestic heating. After that, I have heard
Breyer’s post Apprenticeship programme can help apprentices set up their own company and succeed as self-employed sub contractors. With their help I would like to do that”.

In line with our ‘Post Apprenticeship’ aims, we want to continue developing Andre and help him establish a firm basis for further continued employment.

Roy Ramruttion, Community Development Manager at Breyer Group said:

“Andre is a dedicated young worker and has learnt many new skills while working for Breyer Group. Where we can we will always look to reward our young apprentices for the hard work and effort they have put into their studies and on-the-job work”.

Whether Andre does become self employed or find full-time employment with the Breyer Group, we are committed to creating sustainable employment through training opportunities. Working with the supply- chain partners demonstrates how training paths leading to full time employment can be achieved.