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    Breyer Group organises internal and external remedial works to reduce condensation and damp on the Andover Estate.

    Internal and external remedial works to alleviate the occurrence of condensation and dampness on the estate.


The ‘Review of the Health Impacts of Damp Housing Conditions’ carried out in September 2015 highlighted that the Residential Environmental Health Service of London Borough of Islington inspected 665 properties where damp and/or mould problems were found; 133 of which were at such a level as to present a significant risk to the health of the occupiers”. Kindly follow this link for more info. (http://democracy.islington.gov.uk/documents/s5439/).

Breyer Group will be carrying out Cyclical Improvement Works in terms of Preventative Maintenance, Repair and Redecoration to relieve the Andover Estate, N7 area from condensation, mould and dampness.

An inspection of the Andover Estate area was carried out by Breyer Group’s Contracts Manager - Brett Bussey, who accompanied Councillor Michael O’Sullivan - Chair of Housing Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Gary Heather, and LBI Capital Programme Manager - Sinead Burke. The survey was completed in anticipation of the upcoming internal and external projects which are due to commence in autumn 2016.

The planned works will be ongoing for approximately 2 years and cover:

  • Roofing works
  • Windows
  • Balconies
  • Brickwork repairs
  • Timber repairs
  • Communal walkways and access
  • Re-decoration
  • Communal areas
  • Drainage

Breyer Group’s Contracts Manager - Brett Bussey said, “The inspection was worthwhile doing. This exercise has made the Councillors to appreciate the effort put into the planning of works as well as the challenges faced”.